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What's Your Hidden Advantage?

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It's the things you don't see that make the difference. Those are the things that set you apart, that give you a hidden advantage. 

We spoke to some runners like you, to see what their hidden advantage is...



Having my support system enables, encourages, and inspires me to start a run and keep going.



After almost taking my own life several years ago, it is my determination to never go back there that is my hidden advantage. I set myself big challenges and push myself to new limits because I want to be as far away from the person I was back then. It’s that determination that has seen me take on several ultramarathons with podium finishes and now to helping others through my coaching.



Once I set my mind to something, I put everything I can into trying to achieve it – I love the feeling of pushing myself to become physically and mentally stronger and achieve the goals I set for myself.



My pride, because I can always give that extra 10% and keep going, even when there’s nothing left in the tank I don’t back down.



Running is my joy, my happy place, my happy space and it is the one thing that I do that is just for me. Runjoy should be a word.



Because there’s no greater feeling than being outdoors and one with mother nature.



Running is my determination. To work hard, keep showing up and you will reap the rewards!

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