What is the Runderwear Multi-buy?

Runderwear is now offering multi-buy savings across all Rundewear products.  You will save 15% if you purchase any 3 pieces of Runderwear across the Runderwear website. To receive the multi-buy saving you must order the items in the same order at the same time.


What if there is also a site-wide discount code running – will I receive a double discount?

If a site-wide discount code is also available on the Runderwear website, this discount code can be used as well as the multibuy saving.  For instance if you purchase 3 pairs of Runderwear at £20 each, the full retail price would be £60, but with the multibuy saving of 15%, the total price would be £51, with a saving of £9.  If a site-wide discount code of 15% is also available, you will receive 30% off the order, saving £18, giving a total cost of £42.

There is one exclusion to this double discount, which is Runderwear Anti-Blister Socks.  You can save money on Runderwear Ant-Blister socks through a multi-buy or a site-wide discount, but you cannot use the savings from both offers together. 


What if I want to return part of the multi-buy?

If you have purchased three items as part of a multi-buy and you then decide to return one or two items, the multi-buy discount no longer applies and the price for the item(s) being kept will be charged at full price.