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#PledgeYourWay for the 20k in 2 Weeks Strava Challenge

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The Runderwear Festival of Running was great for bringing us together and giving us a goal to aim for during lockdown, but we don’t want to stop there! That’s why we’re now challenging you to take on the Runderwear 20k in 2 weeks Strava challenge, let’s commit to maintaining the momentum we’ve built and tackling this together.

The challenge is to run 20km over a 2 week period, but make it your own! It’s your challenge, your way, your pledge. So, whether you’re breaking it down and using the challenge to improve your consistency, or you’re tackling the distance in one long Sunday run – we want to hear from you!

To pledge your way of completing the Runderwear 20k in 2 Weeks challenge, you can download our Instagram template here and add your pledge to the white section using the Instagram story text tool. Use the hashtag #PledgeYourWay and tag @teamrunderwear before sharing your pledge to your Instagram story. 


 Our small team down in Dorset are all runners, but we’re all in different places on our running journey and so naturally our goals are quite different! We’ve asked the team how they’re pledging to complete the challenge, to show how it can be tailored to suit your running routine, or your busy lifestyle in general.


We partner with the fantastic 'Maverick Race', a small team of passionate runners based in Dorset just like ourselves. With events now restarting I plan on running the 20K at their race. I'm really excited to be back on the start line.

—Rich, CEO & Co-Founder


I will be running 20k over the course of 2 weeks, breaking it down into 5k runs. I am just getting back into running and want to ease myself into the challenge; I feel doing 20K over 2 weeks will be sustainable and a nice way to get me back into running. I always run in the evenings as this is when I have the most energy.

—Molly, Customer Service


I joined the Runderwear team at the start of April, and as I live over 45 minutes away from the office I am not very familiar with local running routes. My pledge for the Strava challenge is to tackle the distance while exploring new routes that are close to the office, before I start work at 9am.

—Kev, Graphic Designer


As my wife is beginning to ramp up her training for the re-scheduled October running of the Boston Marathon (typically April), I'll be running some of her longer runs with her and my kids will be riding their bikes along with us, in support of her efforts.

—Chris, General Manager - USA


I prefer running in the afternoon when possible, so with a 5 week old son and us now being in the winter months here in Australia the key for me being able to complete this challenge will be making sure I always have my head torch charged up and ready to go.

—Ben, General Manager - Australia


You’re no longer just going for a run, you’re working towards a goal – so #PledgeYourWay of completing the challenge publicly and have that accountability to reach your goal.

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