“When we started Runderwear there was no master-plan.  We were just two people, incredibly passionate about running, who were frustrated that no one had made underwear designed for the running community.”

Jamie and I became friends at university, sharing a passion for all things health, fitness and in particular, running.  When we finished studying we carried on our passion by personal training.  During the New York Marathon Jamie suffered bad chaffing.  We’ve all been there.  This moment changed our lives as we set out on a mission to solve this problem for us and all runners.

It was hard.  We had no money and travelled on a shoestring to understand how to make the products with the finest materials.  Like a runner we never gave up.  We turned up to races in my small, old car setting up to show our products and tell fellow runners our story.  Perseverance was key and we believed in our products and how we could help runners.

Now eight years later we have won numerous industry awards and most importantly helped thousands of people to run in greater comfort.  We have a small team of brilliant people that have joined us on our journey.  Based in Dorset, UK we are a David vs Goliaths in the running industry.  But we believe by doing one thing well we will make a difference for all runners around the world.

Thank you for running with us,


Rich Edmonds