Marathon Training Plan

Marathon Training Plan for Experienced Runners

The Plan For Experienced Runners

This plan is aimed at experienced marathon runners likely looking for a time of 3 hours – 3:30 or faster and who can train 5-6 times a week. You’ll likely have experience completing interval training before, and have raced regularly over 10km-half marathon, or indeed a full marathon.

    Completing The Marathon Training Plan

    The majority of the sessions are runs, but you can replace with cardiovascular cross training using a bike, rowing machine, swimming etc. You might see cross training included in the plan to – these are labelled as ‘XT’. If you need to swap days, don’t run two runs harder than 6/10 effort on back to back days. It’s fine to add more running but always remember you need to recover well to progress and you are better to do a little less than too much. If you are tired, sore, have a cold or are worried about a niggle stop, rest and if necessary, speak to a physio or medical expert.

    Download Your Marathon Training Plan for Experienced Runners

    Our training plan has been created for Runderwear by England Athletics coach Tom Craggs. Download your copy in PDF format below:

    Marathon Training Plan for Experienced Runners

    Experienced Runners Marathon FAQs

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