Runderwear Running Bra - Seamless Running Bra –

Runderwear Running Bra - Seamless Running Bra

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Running Bra Features

high impact running bra
  • Removable padded, shaping cups, offering firm support around the bust
  • Technical soft feel straps to help stay chafe free without irritation
  • Adjustable J Hook straps with closure at the back for additional support
  • Hook eye closure, softly padded, adjustable in three positions
  • Soft but strong texture for maximum support and ultimate comfort against the skin
  • Breathable Tech fabric with perforations for moisture regulation

Steps to a Runderful Fit

supportive running bra

1. Get Strapped In.

Put your Runderwear on and using your fingers put them between your shoulder and the strap. Less than 2cm separation and your Bra is too tight, more than 4cm and it’s too loose. Use the Runderwear 2-4 rule for the perfect fit.

2. The Runderband.

Again use our Runderwear 2-4 rule for the band around your ribcage. Less than 2cm and it’s a no from us – your bra is too tight and will be uncomfortably restrictive when you run. More than 4cm and the bra is too loose. Hit the sweet spot and you’ll not only have comfort you’ll be looking after your breasts by reducing bounce.

3. Cup is always full.

The cup needs to hold the full breast. Slipping outside or showing cleavage? You need a bigger cup. Make sure your cup is always full!