What is Runderwear?

Runderwear is the original performance underwear for running. Our mission is to eliminate the discomfort caused by ill-fitting underwear and clothing and create performance running underwear, basewear and socks that are supremely comfortable and chafe-free.

Chafe-Free Guarantee

Runderwear’s whole ethos is about creating chafe-free performance clothing. Runderwear clothing has no side seams and is label-free to prevent irritation and rubbing.

We’re so confident that your Runderwear will provide the solution to your chafing, that we offer a 28 day, no fuss guarantee. If you wear our products and they cause you to chafe, we will happily refund you, it’s as simple as that.

Remember, Runderwear will stop chafing in the area that it covers and not the surrounding areas, so make sure you select the best style for your problem area. For example, briefs will protect your nether-regions from chafing but not your thighs, whilst our Long Boxers (for Men) and Hot Pants (for Women) will protect all that they touch.

Seamless Design

All Runderwear clothing is created on a 360-degree machine that means no side seams for ultimate comfort and chafe-free running. Flatlock stitching means that edges are flat, eliminating irritation and rubbing and minimising VPL.

Moisture Wicking

The Runderwear technical Polyamide and Elastane fabric is lightweight and well-known for its highly effective properties to remove sweat from your skin, eliminating any irritation and ensuring you keep dry and can run chafe-free.



Carefully positioned micro-perforations ensure that Runderwear gets top marks for breathability. This improves your core temperature control - helping you to stay cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

Ergonomically Designed

Runderwear is ergonomically designed using incredibly soft fabric, to move with your body for ultimate comfort.