Runderwear Ambassador Programme

Looking to join the Runderwear™ family and support us by creating imagery and video content that not only showcases Runderwear™ products, but also feature lifestyle running photography, personal running experiences and trusted reviews? Find out more below.

Becoming a Runderwear™ Ambassador

In order to become a Runderwear™ Ambassador, our team have set some benchmark guidelines which are helpful for us and hopefully gives you some guidance on what we are looking for. We will look at your engagement rate, quality of content & your running journey so far, when reviewing candidates.

Our selection process should be seen as ‘guidelines’ rather than strict ‘requirements’. Ultimately, if we feel that you match our brand values and have effective & engaging content, we may invite you onto our programme.

Please note that there are limited places available on the Ambassador Programme but we will be reviewing each Ambassador’s position every six months, where new positions may become available. The next review will be in September 2020.