WATCH: Marathon Ready Live with Coach Martin Yelling –

WATCH: Marathon Ready Live with Coach Martin Yelling

Marathon Ready Q&A With Martin Yelling!

In the run up to marathon season we have hosted a number of experts to dispense advice to the Runderwear community on how to get the best out of your marathon. This week we put your questions to coach Martin Yelling.

Watch here:


The Top Five Marathon Tips were:

1. At this stage, listen to your body. Rest if ill or injured.

2. Nerves & maranoia can affect how your body feels, it’s natural to feel tired just before the big day.

3. Train for the marathon elevation you’re running.

4. Try having your main, carb filled meal for lunch the day before, rather than for dinner.

5. Don’t completely stop running in your taper, just gradually decrease the volume and intensity.

If you're just about to take on the challenge of a marathon, or any other distance - good luck from Team Runderwear!

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