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Easy-On, High-Impact Sports Bra Is a Big-Busted Dream - SELF Magazine

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As part of the testing for last years SELF Certified Awards, the Easy On Support Bra was reviewed and is now rated as a SELF FAVE by Fitness writer Tiffany Dodson.

Tiffany fell in love with the Runderwear Easy On Sports Bra saying "I came across a few high-impact sports bra options I liked, but fell completely in love with the Runderwear Easy-On Support Running Bra, which may easily be the most streamlined, well-fitting sports bra to ever grace my big bust during a workout".

It's now one of Tiffany's tried and true favorite products and is used for outdoor runs, whilst on the treadmill or HIIT classes. She went on to say "As someone with a big bust, I especially appreciate how the Easy-On bra has size options ranging from A to J—which is way more inclusive than a lot of bras I've worn (read: stuffed the twins into). Despite being surprisingly slender, the bra's padded, contoured straps are comfy to wear and fully support my bust (no small feat). The material is breathable and soft, wicking moisture beautifully, which I definitely need during my sweatiest exercise. And since this wonder bra is totally wireless(!) with a smooth, wide underband, I don't have to deal with a pesky underwire digging into my ribcage. "

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Runderwear High Impact Sports Bra Review

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