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5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Sports Bra For Running

Often an overlooked aspect of women's running, a sports bra perfectly suited to your shape, size and style is important for comfortable and efficient running. Here are Runderwear's top tips for finding the perfect sports bra for running:

1. Get measured – a well-fitting sports bra is essential

By far the most important thing to do before you start thinking about which sports bra you should choose is to measure yourself! Over 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and it is essential that you have a well-fitting sports bra, particularly if you partake in higher impact exercise like running.

It’s so important to measure yourself whenever you purchase a new bra as so many factors can affect breast size and shape, such as childbirth, breast-feeding, the menstrual cycle and weight fluctuations.

Runderwear has developed free measuring kits and an online calculator to make sure women are aware of their current bra size before they purchase a Runderwear sports bra.

Runderwear also offers free postage for bra exchanges, so you can try different sizes until you get the perfect fit.

Best Fitting Sports Bra for Running by Runderwear

2. Look for features that will help customise your fit

Women should also look for features that allow customisation of fit for their particular body shapes such as adjustable padded straps and adjustable hook and eye closure at the back.

Another key feature you should look for in a great sports bra is the underband as this is where most of the support comes from in the bra; it needs to be as soft, comfortable and as well-fitting as possible to maximise support and to prevent chafing. 

Runderwear’s sports bras have both adjustable straps and adjustable hook and eye fastenings to ensure you find the perfect fit.

Customisable Sports Bra for Running by Runderwear

3. If you have larger breasts, look for a bra with supportive features.

For high impact activity, such as running, the support aspect of the bra is even more important, particularly if you have larger breasts; Women should look for features that will absorb the shock of running such as:

- Moulded cups to encapsulate and compartmentalise each breast, controlling movement across all three planes of the body (up and down, in and out and side to side)

- High neckline to ensure breast tissue is fully encased within the cups in order to minimise upward bounce

- Wide underband (as well as being soft and elasticated – as stated above - the band should be wider in a high impact bra to ensure additional support)

Thereafter it is just a case of preference for certain features that different women might have.

The Easy-On Support Runderbra by Runderwear, for example, has all the aforementioned features as well as a fully opening back feature with double adjustable hook and eye closures, making it easy to get on and off.

Best Sports Bra for Large Breasts for Running by Runderwear

4. Look for a sports bra that will keep you chafe-free

When choosing a sports bra, Women should firstly look for things that they might naturally look for when choosing performance sportswear and underwear such as breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and a label-free concealed-seam design to prevent rubbing and chafing.

Bra chafing is an issue for many female runners and like the rest of the Runderwear range, Runderwear’s bras come with the usual chafe-free guarantee, made possible by the soft, moisture-wicking fabric, encased underband and padded straps.

Chafe-free Sports Bra for Running by Runderwear

5. Sports bras can look great as well as being functional

Whilst it’s always better to prioritise the functional aspects of a sports bra, having a great-looking sports bra can often make you feel good and who knows, on a hot day you may well want to run in your bra!

Runderwear’s bras look good as well as being supportive and comfortable and you can even match them to their comprehensive underwear range; there’s a choice of six underwear styles from the barely-there g-string to the brief to the hot pant or thigh-covering long short.

Best Looking Sports Bra for Running by Runderwear

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